LAHORE -  Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged the PAT-led protesting parties not to ‘do politics on bodies’. “I want to ask elements, who have staged a sit-in on The Mall, if they have same prayers and grief for the daughter of Mardan,” the CM said in reply to a question about progress in Kasur girl murder case.

“I request them stop playing with the emotions of the nation. “For God sake, don’t do any politics on such incidents” Shehbaz said in reply to another question during a media talk in Kasur on Wednesday.

The Punjab CM also expressed solidarity with the bereaved family of four-year-old Asma whose body was found from a remote area of Mardan district.

In reply to another question on the PAT demand for resignation of chief minister and law minister over the Model Town killings, Shehbaz recalled the murder of Murtaza Bhutto in 1996 during his sister Benazir Bhutto’s rule.

“The murder of Murtaza Bhutto should also be recalled. His sister was ruling the country and her party was also in power in the province where the crime took place. Did anybody demand them resign at that time? The nation has the right to know why agitations and sit-ins were not held at that time,” he asked.

Our Kasur correspondent adds: Even on the ninth day of the rape and killing of seven-year-old Zainab, the Punjab CM refused to give timeframe for the arrest.

“A deadline cannot be given about the arrest of the criminal. But we are close to making a breakthrough. We are doing our best. Investigation is being done on scientific methods,” he said.  He went on:“The culprits would be nailed soon. Justice would be done at all costs. I am supervising the whole process. It is my request that hearsays should be avoided and the team working on this case should be supported. The chief minister was in Kasur to chair a meeting with the district admin in connection with the murder of a little girl.