BAHAWALNAGAR/SIALKOT - As the molester(s) and killer(s) of a 13-year-old boy are still at large despite the lapse of two months, the aggrieved family held a protest demonstration against the local police and the government.

Abdul Majeed resident of Chak 119/M was employed at the milk shop of Dilbar. He would spend night at the shop at Pul Murad. On 24th of  November, , he went missing. The family made hectic search but to no avail. After eight days, his dead body was found from the nearby canal. The boy had been killed after being sexually assaulted. The family declared Dilbar and his accomplices accused for the crime.

Earlier, the police attested Dilbar but afterwards the matter was pushed to back burner. Despite the lapse of two months, the police made no progress and was apparently indifferent. The family staged the protest demonstration against the prevailing situation. They demanded the chief minister take action against the accused. They said that the deceased boy was the only breadwinner of the family. Meanwhile, DSP Chishtian Jawad Sakha said that police were searching for the accused.

Similarly, a large number of people including the family of the molested and slain brothers staged a demonstration against the police for remaining failed to trace out the perpetrators despite the passage of the  eight months to the crime.

The protesting people were carrying banners and placards and they chanted anti-police slogans. They kept the traffic blocked for about five consecutive hours by burning the tyres on main Sialkot-Sambrial Road near Saahowala, Sambrial tehsil. They also staged a sit-in there on the main road for about five hours and refused to be dispersed.

They demanded justice and early arrest of the accused. They said that eight  months have passed and Sambrial have miserably failed in tracing out or arresting the accused. Their dead bodies had been found from the local fields in village Saahowala, Sambrial tehsil on June 10, 2017.

The police said that some unknown accused strangulated the minor boys to death after molesting them criminally. The Hamza Arshad (6) and Zeeshan Haider (8) went missing from their houses and their dead bodies were found from the village’s fields.

This nasty incident had created panic  and harassment among the local people. Sambrail police said that the investigation was still underway

District Council Chairperson Hina Arshad Warraich said that the District Council was spending millions of rupees for the timely completion of the record socio-economic, human development and public welfare oriented development projects in all the 124 rural union councils (UCs) in Sialkot district.

She stated this while presiding over a meeting of the District Council officials. The chairperson added that provision of all the basic facilities to the people at their door steps  in rural areas of Sialkot district was the top priority of Sialkot District Council, which was making all out sincere efforts to raise the living standard of the people, besides, ensuring the timely completion of all the ongoing developmental projects under the supervision of the local elected representatives in Sialkot district.

Hina Arshad Warraich said that the District Council was well-aware of the perturbing problems being faced by the rural areas’ population here and utilizing all the available resources for their amicable solutions as well. “District Council Sialkot will never leave any stone unturned for providing all the basic facilities to the people on priority as well”, she added.