MULTAN - Local big guns of the PTI and the PPP criticised the PML-N rulers and claimed that their respective parties would win the upcoming general elections with the public support.

Addressing the workers after kicking off the membership drive at his residence on Wednesday, former Prime Minister and senior vice chairman of PPPP Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Wednesday that the membership would infuse new blood and energy into the party and give it political lift.

Mr Gilani declared that the membership would be done across the country at a grassroots level. “The motive behind the drive was to make people from all walks of life party member,” he added.

PPPP South Punjab president Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood said on the occasion that PPPP was a guarantee for political and financial stability of the country. He added that the PPPP granted basic rights and employment opportunities for the people besides safeguarding their dignity during its regimes. “On the other hand, the other parties exploited the people, crushed their dignity and deprived them of employment,” he claimed.

Speaking on the occasion, Natasha Daultana, Kh Rizwan Alam, Abdul Qadir Shaheen, Mirza Nasir Baig and others said that other ruling parties subjected different areas and their residents to political victimisation by implementing unjust political systems. “South Punjab has been plunged into economic chaos and backwardness due to unjust distribution of resources and biased policies,” they maintained. They pointed out that the PML-N governments deprived South Punjab of its share in NFC as a result of which the bread basket of the country was faced with worst ever poverty and unemployment.

They claimed that the residents of South Punjab did not have healthcare, education and employment  facilities like that of enjoyed by the people of central or upper Punjab. They declared that the PPPP would end the injustice after coming to power and offer equal opportunities to all people and areas for making progress.

Addressing the participants of a reception organised by PTI in honour of union council chairmen, PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi claimed that his party would bag a big success in the coming elections with public support. He added that the victory of PTI would not only ensure dispensation of justice but also lift country’s honour. He said that the local governments system was meant to offer relief to the people and resolve their issues at local level but the Punjab Government turned it into a nuisance for the public. He said that the PTI was determined to fight for public’s rights and it would continue to unveil the true anti-public face of PML (N).

Speaking on this occasion, MNA Malik Aamir Dogar said that the trader community was faced with serious crisis due to the business-enemy policies of the government. He added that the poor economic policy of the government ruined national economy, posing a serious threat to the country.

MPA Javed Ansari, trader leader Kh. Salman Siddiqui, and others said that the anti-public policies of the rulers made the lives of people highly miserable, resulting into a high ratio of suicides. They maintained that the industry got sick because of government’s ill-advised policies and thousands of people lost their jobs. They declared that the PTI would offer jobs to the people after coming into power.