LAHORE: The 145th birth anniversary of the eminent Pakistan movement leader, poet and journalist Maulana Zafar Ali Khan is being celebrated today (Thursday).

The legendary leader was the founding member of All-India Muslim League (Dec 30, 1906). He seconded the historic Lahore Resolution (23rd March 1940) and spontaneously translated it at Manto Park Lahore.  Leaving aside other glorious achievements, his unforgettable contribution was his newspaper, Daily Zamindar, which was a true representative of aspirations of the Muslims of subcontinent. The editorials of Daily Zamindar created political consciousness among the masses against the excesses of Hindu majority and the mighty British rule. His high standard poetry, especially his political poetry, was aimed at the political opponent and it left a lasting impression on the subcontinent’s political history. Zafar Ali Khan's contribution to the Urdu language will be long remembered as he advanced the cause of Urdu through his classical translations from English into Urdu language.  As a parliamentarian, Maulana had full faith in the leadership of Quaid-i- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In a historical address to the Indian Legislative Assembly in 1937, he categorically advised the house that if the political tangle of the subcontinent has to be solved, the key lies with M.A. Jinnah.  To mark the day, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Trust has arranged special programmes. In this connection, some historical issues of Zamindar are being displayed at the Trust office. Rare pictures of Zafar Ali Khan and his personal belongings have been put on display at the Zafar Ali Khan Trust Museum. The Trust has placed secret official paper of the British raj leading to various sanctions and punishing actions against Daily Zamindar. Prof Ahmed Saeed will brief the younger folks about the background of some of the news and editorials of Daily Zamindar and Pakistan movement rare images. On this occasion, a documentary based on the meritorious life of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Zafar-ul-Millat, will also be shown.