Husband and wife differences leave a very bad impact on children’s life because in growing age children pick every thing very quickly. They learn to act what they see instead what they are taught to do. It is commonly discussed now-a-days that children do not obey their parents and other elders of their family like grand father and mother etc with some exemption and some times misbehave albeit children are admitted in quality schools. One of the core reason behind it is that differences between husband and wife which makes mind of children to have differences and resultantly become disobedient. Sometimes differences leads to quarrel with each other which damage the overall personality of children like such children whose parents fights on minor issues always remain in-confident and coward.

It is natural to have dissent on different domestic issues which should mutually be resolved peacefully and in cool & calm manner instead shouting and fighting. It is often seen that small kids of one or two years start shouting. Who teaches him/her to shout none other than his/her parents or any other elder of the family. Husband and wife should play their due role in making their children’s life blissful by making their life peaceful for the sake of their children’s right training and bring up.


Karachi, January 12.