The Supreme Court of Pakistan has successfully banned evening classes of LL.B including ended up three-years programme across the country. Law is a professional field which deserves to have systematic rules and regulations for enrollment of new students in law schools. For that, an entry test (Law Admission Test) will be held for aspiring graduates which will take place under HEC’s supervision.

The newly interested candidates of law at University of Turbat are urgently awaiting for the announcement of Law Admission Test date by HEC. Currently, the Turbat University’s Law department has started zero semester of newly joined students who have not passed the LAT.

It should be noticed that Turbat’s Law department is without buildings which is too seperated from University of Turbat and shifted in Public Library. Three batch classes are continued with having only a single hall due to which students are uncomfortable and undergoing from multiple hardships to study law. No Law school building has disturbed all students whose classes continued till evening 4:30 which is already banned by Supreme Court of Pakistan. The judgments of SCoP actually pointed out systematic rules for Law with providing well quality education to law students in whole Pakistan. But, University of Turbat lacks behind classrooms and has just one hall for three batches.

The construction of Law school building is urgently required at Turbat for continuation of systemic and special education to the students. So, the Head of Department Advocate Mr. Naseem Baloch is humbly requested to take action on this actionable issue and pass an order for construction of Law school building as soon as possible to not make the upcoming batch to suffer from the same issue which is being faced by us.


Turbat, December 8.