There have been almost five months to the formation of the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) at the Centre. But, honestly speaking, the government has not been able to clearly define and elaborate its strategies and policies on various departments of the government. Still, the government is in a state of confusion and indecision on many fronts, specially the economic front of the country.

Mr. Asad Umar-the Federal Minister for Finance- has not been able so far to win the confidence of both the local and the foreign investors simply because of the reason that he has not been able so far to inform the nation and the world as to what is in his mind to correct the current ailing economy and how. Still on the economic front, he himself is also not clear as to how to take the economy upfront.

Instead of internally focusing and concentrating on the aspect of revenue generation for stabilizing our economy, Mr. Prime Minister is still going from one country to another country for foreign aid (in the form of US dollars) to meet to the shortfall between the expected revenues and the anticipated expenditures (including mandatory repayment of loans).

Economy is the backbone of the machinery of any government. If the economy would be strong and stable, the over-all machinery of the government would function in a smooth manner. But, if the same would remain in doldrums (which, unfortunately, is in our country currently), then, the whole government machinery would cripple and the institutions would fail to perform to their satisfaction, accordingly.

Therefore, my humble piece of advice to the prime minister and his finance minister would be to get the country out of the present economic confusion by working wisely and timely on the economic issues of the country. The common man of the country is still looking for the “Tabdeeli” (change) for which the PTI government had proudly announced during the election campaign to bring the same within ninety days after coming into the power.

But, after the lapse of ninety days, the PTI government has brought nothing but disappointment, frustration and hopelessness for the common man of the country by allowing load-shedding of gas and electricity.


Karachi, December 7.