KARACHI     -         Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Labour Saeed Ghani on Friday termed the report issued against him by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr Rizwan Ahmed as false and fictitious.

Ghani said that if the blames mentioned in the report were true, then he would not only give up politics, but also ready to face severe punishment, he said this while addressing a press conference here on Friday.

The minister said that he would appeal to Chief Minister Sindh to investigate the allegations against him by a competent and unbiased officer. He added that in his constituency, Chenisar Goth, false allegations on the politicians were made that if they were patronizing the drug dealers. Citing the reasons of allegations articulated in the report, Ghani said that Dr. Rizwan felt distasted when he asked the then Inspector General of Police, Sindh AD Khawaja and DIG Sultan Khawaja to take action against the drug peddlers in his constituency.

He explained that how much difficulty he had to face to establish contact with these two officers. The action that these two officers took after being contacted was insufficient, as most of the innocent people were arrested in their action so that they had to face political pressure, the minister added.

The minister said that when Dr Rizwan became Superintendent of Police, Jamshed Town, he tried to engage his brother Farhan Ghani, who was the then Chairman of Union Council, in espionage against the residents of the area. Not only this, SP Dr Rizwan also demanded furniture and eight motorcycles from his brother for Police check post of the area, he added.

Ghani said that his brother straightway refused to fulfill all the demands of SP Dr Rizwan by saying that the police should conduct their legitimate activities in the area and we would cooperate with them. He said that after Dr Rizwan’s posting as Superintendent of Police Jamshed Town, the drug trade in the area grew exponentially. Ghani said he never contacted or support any criminal, the only reason for the allegations against him was the repeated requests for action against the drug dealers.


An investigation report prepared by Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Jamshed Town Dr Rizwan cracked mysteries of crime circles being run by influential persons, assassins and drug sellers. The report stated Farhan Ghani, brother of the minister, is a facilitator of target killers and drug peddlers as he was running an undisclosed network with Hassan alias Natha in Chanesar Goth.

The police officer revealed that Hassan alias Natha and Fida Jogi confessed for being in contact with Farhan Ghani, whereas, their telephone records were also the part of the report. A close aide of drug peddlers is an employee at Ghani’s office who is identified as Zaheer Ahmed. It further exposed the involvement of an official of Mehmoodabad police station in drug selling, as well as a worker from the excise department, Rauf, connected with the group.