Islamabad               -             Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday directed the Finance Ministry to ensure uninterrupted provision of funds to the Higher Education Commission (HEC saying it was government’s priority to provide the youth an easy access to education.

Chairing a meeting            on matters pertaining to higher education in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said the government will meet the financial needs of higher education despite difficult economic situation.

Speaking about curriculum, the Prime Minister said it should be ensured in the curriculum that the youth is enlightened about the Islamic and eastern values, particularly our civilization, heritage and Sufis’ philosophy.

The Prime Minister formed a committee under the leadership of the Minister for Education to oversee matters pertaining to financial needs of universities, provision of required resources, and financial rules and regulations.

He directed the Education Minister to ensure high standard of education in universities and prepare a joint strategy in collaboration with the provincial governments regarding curriculum and other matters.