BADIN      -         The speakers during the 33rd death anniversary of the popular peasant leader Mohammad Fazil Rahu at his village Rahuki on Friday paid their rich homage to the late leader for his services for the peasants and downtrodden people of the region.

Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, the advisor to Chief Minister Sindh and president of Pakistan People Party (PPP) Sindh chapter, speaking to the big public gathering said that Shaheed Fazil Rahu was one few of those leaders, who would long be remembered for their great sacrifices for the democracy and the usurped rights of the people.

“Fazil like great Bhuttos instead of making any compromises on their lofty principles rather preferred to live like the brave man and laid down his precious life for the sake of the people and their rights” he said and added that the great leader was axed to death under a deep-stead conspiracy by then rulers and their puppets in mid 80s when the people were charged to bring the real democracy in the country.

He said that Rahu was few among leaders who remained at the forefronts during the dictatorships from General Ayub Khan to General Zia, like the true leader and never budged even an inch from the stance he had taken.

Nisar Khuhro said that the sons and other heirs of Fazil Rahu had taken the very right decision to join the party, which was the only party, which had the rich history of the struggle and resistance against the non-democratic forces. He said that they (PPP leaders) had never taken the U-turns like PTI leaders adding he lashed out at the federal government for stopping the due funds of Sindh. He said that federal government instead of giving the jobs and controlling the price hike and inflation were forcing the people of the country to commit suicides adding he said that it was the high time to get rid of such rulers, who had made the lives of the people miserable in every nook and the corner of the country. He alleged that Sindh was not getting the resources it was producing like the natural gas, power etc.

Mr. Khuhro said that they were ready to throw the government under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari if they stopped to adding insult to the injury for their childish policies. He said that provincial ministers were being maligned by the police officials under a conspiracy on the behest of those, who did not believe in the democratic values and norms. He said that federal government had enough amount but it was not ready to provide the funds to Sindh as per the NFC Award adding he warned the dire consequences if such illegal practices were not stopped by the naive, incompetent and cruel rulers. The provincial chief of PPP made it clear that the followers of Bhuttos and Rahu were not afraid any political victimization  and were firm for the true democratic norms.

Mohammad Ismail Rahu, the elder son of the slain leader and the provincial minister for Agriculture speaking on the occasion said that his father was the person, who had  never ever surrendered to the powers of his times and kept struggling for the underprivileged and downtrodden people of Sindh and Pakistan. He said that despite the worst on their family and workers during the regimes of the dictators his father stood firm and laid down his life for the people and their lives. He recalled the worst days during the Movement for Restoration of Democracy (MRD) during the Zia era and his father leading from the front infused the high spirits among the people to fight against the undemocratic forces adding he said that it was Fazil Rahu who had envisaged the society for the equal rights for all.

He said that unlike most of the landowners he instead committing the atrocities on the farmers and peasants created in them the awareness for their rights and the privileges and proved himself the real leader, who lived and died for them. He said the slain leader was the trend setter and had high the leadership qualities like most of the revolutionary leaders of the world.

Mr. Rahu said that those, who had sneaked into the power corridors from the backdoor would soon be kicked off with the force of the masses of the country, as according to him, the patience of the people had already been exhausted.

Mohammad Aslam Rahu, Arbab Lutfullah, Khursheed Junejo, Ghulam Qadir Palijo, Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur, Taj Mohammad Mallah, Tanzila Qambrani,  Haji Sain Bux Jamali, Adil Rahu, Professor Abdullah Mallah,  advocate Veerji Kolhi, Pir Noorallah Quraishi,  Ali Ahmed Jokhio, and others spoke on the occasion and paid their rich tributes to the struggle and sacrifices of Mr. Rahu. The known writers and poets including Dr. Akash Ansari, Zulfikar Ali Qadri, Syeda Amar Khursheed Shah, Dr. Rukhsana Pereet Gulbadan Javed Mirza, Dr. Najma Panhwar, Professor Abdullah Mallah Ali Izhar Soomro, Mohammad Khan Samoon and others turned up in Rahuki to read their papers and poetry on the popular hari leader and paid the rich tributes to his struggle.