LAHORE - The flour crises has deepened in the City as the millers are reducing the supply to the markets with every passing day following the wheat price shoot up in the open market, wholesalers revealed here on Thursday.  The flour millers said that the govt should immediately release wheat quota to the mills to overcome shortage and to ensure flour supply at the fixed price. The government must issue wheat quota from the available stock to control the flour price instead of waiting for the imported wheat. "We don't have enough flour bags at the shops for sale. The flour supply is limited but the demand is high," Ahmed Khan a wholesaler said. "A good number of shopkeepers are receiving very limited flour supply across the Punjab Capital. The supply is not enough to meet the demand," said Rao Muhammad Akram, the president Lahore Kiryana Merchants Association, when contacted. The flour millers said that they had reduced the supply because they were unable to sell the flour at the existing rates as the wheat price jumped to Rs 750 per 40-kg from Rs 625 per 40-kg. The further revealed that the increase in wheat price has reduced the flour production all over the province. "We have reduced the floor supply to the markets because we don't afford to sell the flour on the existing rates," a flourmill owner said. Another shopkeeper urged the government to ensure sufficient supply of the flour bags to the shopkeepers to overcome the shortage. He said that the limited flour supply to the shopkeepers had further intensified the shortage across the province. When contacted Habib-ur-Rehman Leghari, Chairman All Pakistan Flourmills Association (Punjab) claimed that the flour supply was being improved and the millers have been asked not to reduce the flour supply. "We will decide our further plan of action after our meeting with the Chief Minister Punjab, expected within next two to three days. The millers have been asked to ensure the flour supply till this meeting," he added. President Lahore Atta Dealers Association Haji Muhammad Yousaf said that they were still facing shortage of flour. He also urged the government to ensure sufficient flour supply to avoid profiteering and black-marketing. Meanwhile, the areas like Baghbanpura, Shadman, Wahdat Colony, Iqbal Town, Sabzazar, Islampura, Johar Town and Samanabad are facing shortage of flour due to the mismanagement and inadequate supply. Another flour miller, requesting his name not be mentioned, said that the mismanagement on part of the food department and district government was main reason behind the flour crises.