In her latest column: "Understanding before answering" Ms. Nadiya Aamer seems to be worried about a short film on Islam by a Dutchman named Mr. Geert Wilders. The US invaded Iraq killing millions of innocent civilians, just to exploit its rich oil reserves. It did not shake or stir the Islamic world, one bit. Nobody ever cared to solve the issue of Palestine and question the murder and scorching of assets and properties of thousands of innocent Palestinians. The entire Muslim world knows the superpower backs the Israelis acts of barbarism, but still remains indifferent. The great poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal had envisioned the behavior and thought pattern of the Muslim Ummah through his visionary eyes, almost a century ago, this way: "Shore hai hogaiy duniya sey muslamaan nabood / hum tuh kehtay hein keh they bi kaheen muslim mojood /waza mein  tum ho Nasara, tou  tamadan meh Yahood" Ms Aamir should not miss it. -MASHKOOR A. KHAN, Rawalpindi Cantt., via e-mail, July 5.