Sh Abdul Rashid in his letter captioned "Say no to restoration" (The Nation July 05), says there is no difference between the PCO of 2000 and that of 2007. He must have a very poor memory. In 1999 most political leaders welcomed Musharraf. PPP Jiyalas even distributed sweets. Should the judges have resigned and gone home? Justice Dorab Patel had said "Why is the judiciary alone expected to resist military takeover?" In 2007 on the other hand, there was a virtual revolt against Musharraf by the whole lawyer community as well as the civil society. The PCO judges not only sided with Musharraf against the people of Pakistan, but also defied the Supreme Court order of November 3, restraining them from taking oath under PCO. Does Sh. Rashid want to reward these judges and penalize those who stood up against Musharraf's action, which he himself admits to be illegal? No army chief any where in the world can dismiss judges, except through illegal means. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, July 5.