The day the government was handed over the country, it enthusiastically proclaimed that the first hundred days of its rule would convince the masses that it had a supremely bright future up its sleeve for the masses. The days are over. Unfortunately, the country is sinking deeper and deeper into the unknown as ever. The hundred days are gone down the drain. Things were never so horrific as they are now. The national affairs never smelt so nauseous as they are doing now. The terrorists celebrated the failure of the hundred days by launching suicidal attacks in Islamabad and Karachi. There was nothing unique about the 100 days declaration. The history of every government is a history of such declarations. Every government has always fed the masses on golden promises. But the promises have always turned out to be pure mud. The masses have been eternally starving. No government has ever taken the risk of feeding all the starving masses. If a government were to feed the masses, it would endanger its own survival. Men with full stomachs are very dangerous creatures. They are very difficult to rule. Thus it is every government's interest to keep the masses as hungry as possible. There is nothing more gullible than an empty stomach. Naturally, the emptier a stomach is, the easier it is to be exploited. Thus a government's political prosperity depends upon the economic misery of the masses. In Pakistan, the numeral 3 is magical numeral. We have three supreme leaders who have the destiny of the nation at their mercy. The leaders are President Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. There is another 3. We have three capitals: Islamabad, Dubai and London. Islamabad is meant for dealing with our ordinary affairs. Dubai and London are reserved for dealing with our national emergencies. Perhaps no country in human history has ever been blessed with three capitals. What a distinction for us There is still another 3. We have three kinds of freedom. We have freedom of expression, freedom of unemployment and freedom of starvation. The degree of freedom of expression which we have today was never available to us in the past. Likewise, the degree of unemployment which we have today was never available to us in the past. And the degree of starvation which we have today was never available to us in the past. We have still another 3. Each day the country is sinking deeper and deeper into three marshes; the political marsh, the economic marsh and the social marsh. The masses are gasping for breath. What the marshes intend to do with the masses is a secret which even the Devil doesn't know. The masses are utterly mystified. There is no economic or political or social problem which is not solvable provided the rulers have the will to solve it. Unfortunately, the rulers who have such a will are a very rare species. In the entire human history, very few countries have been blessed with such rulers. We are yet to be thus blessed. For over sixty years we have been passionately yearning for a political Messiah. Perhaps our climate is medically hostile to the birth of such a redeemer. We have had military generals as our rulers. We have had feudal lords as our rulers. We have had professional politicians as our rulers. Unfortunately, all these rulers utterly disappointed the masses. All the rulers belonged to the upper strata of society. We desperately need a radical change. Why not have rulers from the lower strata by way of an experiment? et's have ordinary workers as rulers. Things might get better. But even if they did not, it wouldn't matter at all. If the upper strata have a right to damage the country, the lower strata must not be deprived of the privilege. The country is in the clutches of a dire economic chaos. The government has defended itself by asserting that the chaos is an inheritance from the past. The defence is ludicrous. If the government did not know what it was going to inherit then this ignorance disqualified it for becoming a government. And if it did know then it is its categorical obligation to cope with the chaos and never to complain about it. Perhaps the government believes in inheriting a system which is all honey and no responsibilities. The monsoon rains have flooded the country. Thank God, the monsoon floods are occasional tragedies. There are other floods which keep lashing the country all the year round. These floods come and go. But the tears of the starving masses keep torrentially rolling down their cheeks non-stop. They keep rolling down till Death's own heart gets melted and it rushes to their rescue. The tears-shedders keep killing themselves regularly with Death's full-hearted cooperation. The writer is an academic