THE coalition forces stationed in Afghanistan's Paktika province have again fired inside Pakistan's tribal agency of North Waziristan in what they say was a retaliatory move. Though the US-led NATO troops have attacked the tribal belt a number of times before, the recent surge in such operations only lends credibility to the reports that their build-up near the border was a prelude to a more aggressive stand. They must realise that it would turn out to be counterproductive inasmuch as it would further enrage the local tribesmen as well as Pakistanis in other parts of the country. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates' assurance that the US was not amassing troops for an offensive inside Pakistan fails, therefore, fails to dissipate fears. The ISPR spokesman's statement that the map of Pakistani posts has been shared with ISAF rebuts the latter's poor excuse that it was unaware of the location of the post at Bajaur where its forces had struck some days back with deadly effect on our security personnel and reinforces the general suspicion that the missile attack was a deliberate act to pressurise Pakistan into giving up the peace process and toe the American line of armed action to end militancy.