A lot has been said and written about the death of Michael Jackson. Perhaps, for many, not enough has been said and so the stories and salutations will keep pouring in. I am a fan of his music as well and nothing that follows this statement has anything to do with respect for his work. It was one of its kind, unprecedented after, perhaps, Elvis Presley, that is, if we are insisting upon talking about the First World and its icons. In fact, so in touch are we with their icons that the Sindh Assembly (Pakistan; Third World) went as far as to have a minute's silence in respect for Jackson, his life and his death. I have already said that this has nothing to do with Jackson's remarkable work, nor is this personal so if we can tumble over that part of our dialogue I want to draw your attention and mine to the fact that could we have a minute's silence on the death of hundreds of army soldiers and security personnel in Swat, and about half a minute's silence for those similar martyrs in Waziristan. Could we have 30 seconds of silence in respect of those who died waiting in line to get registered at the sole desk that was put up by NADRA, for they want to go home to whatever rubble we have left of their beautiful valley? Half a minute's silence, for those who seek justice on the dusty roads of my beautiful country. If a minute is too long to stay quiet then maybe 20 seconds for the three year old who died after being raped by policemen, and perhaps add another ten seconds for the fact that she was dumped into a sewerage area A minute's silence for those who walk aimlessly looking for a job though they clutch their degrees, for those who have to return home after an entire day, looking for work but find nothing for they do not have a degree although they have skill. Can the president stand up for a few seconds in honour of those he has never met, whose problems he will never know and whose health services are next to zilch because of his lack of interest in this country. Will the honourable PM stand up for a minute's silence for those of us who have to wait for hours so that they can have empty roads to travel on their way to defence or some other destination to spend the weekend with their families. I love the way the Americans work. They drone kill you first and then they ask the American public to "text the word 'Swat' - to the number 20222 and make a $5 contribution" that will help the UN High Commissioner for Refugees provide tents, clothing, food, and medicine to hundreds of thousands of affected people. Here is the break up that the State Department under the guidance of Secretary of State Clinton has shed light upon. I appreciate the methodical manner in which the First World works; that is something the President of Pakistan could learn and then transfer it downwards. I do not agree to the meticulous manner in which the US is treating us as means to an end which is not the end at all. Nonetheless, have a look: $5 can register 15 displaced Pakistanis for assistance and protection. $50 can register 150 displaced Pakistanis for assistance and protection. $100 can pay for a survival kit including blankets and cooking stoves. $200 can provide an all-weather tent to shelter a displaced family. $500 can sink two wells to provide clean water for refugees. UNHCR is already giving assistance to the displaced people of Swat, but if donations like the above reached all the people every time how would politicians save for their old age. You may call it scepticism or pessimism but journalists or writers are accused of that all the time and this will certainly not be the first time that both things happen. Yet, thank you Ms Clinton for thinking of us after all the bombings. I hope you will continue to do so in the future as well for the drones will continue. Lastly, a minute's silence for the death of our future which has been sold out for the approval of The Masters. The writer is a freelance columnist. E-mail: aaakn92@gmail.com