Allowing for token-free cars/motorcycles stands, especially in hospitals, is a laudable step of the Chief Minister Punjab. On the other hand, some every large buildings of the city still have stands operated by unauthorised persons who do not own up to their responsibility in case of the theft of vehicles. On 22-06-09, I parked my motorcycle at the Rehman Chambers stand that is run by M/s Azeem & co. I parked on the basis of a monthly rent as I work for Time Communications, a company based in the building. After my duty hours that day, I found my motorcycle missing. The contractor denied having any responsibility and refused to pay demurrage charges. I reported that matter to the Mozang Police Station on the same day. They registered the FIR on 24-06-09 but no clue has been found of the vehicle since. I request the Chief Minister of Punjab to kindly look into the parking stands made through illegal encroachments by the contractors and order the concerned authorities to help a low-salaried person like me get demurrage charges from the contractor. -ZUBAIR HUSSAIN, Lahore, July 17.