LAHORE - Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop organised a workshop on mentally ill children and showed an American documentary film 'Autism at RPTW Museum of Puppetry here on other day. The director and cinematographer of the documentary Tricia Regan commented on the occasion that before directing this movie she observed mentally distorted children in the American community. I understood hidden aspects of society that how the parents and infants behave with each other and how the parents understand the meanings of those interactions, she said adding she also observed the depression of the parents on their mentally ill offspring. I directed this movie after conducting fruitful research on affected children for six month as it was a challenging task, she stated. Regan said that she dramatised and highlighted the problems and obstacles faced by the USAs distorted children who were suffering from 'autism as they were understood by the society the most pity creature on earth. While the producer of the film Borton Weiss disclosed that he wished to educate the masses on this imperative issue by inculcating them importance of this unfocused class. He said that through producing this movie, he tried his best to contribute in this regard by normalising the abnormal patients so much as he could. One can easily understand from this movie that how this paralysed class should be treated, he maintained. Faizaan Peerzada said on the occasion that such workshops would act like a bridge between western cultures and that of Pakistan. Reply to a question he said no doubt our goals and objectives were totally different from the western norms and culture as a huge magnitude-problems were prevailing in our society but Rafi Peer Theatre was committed to throw light on every issue confronting the masses. Chief Executive Officer RPTW Usman Peerzada said that we were fighting on various fronts simultaneously and ignoring these special children behaving them like the unknown creature on the face of earth. He said RPTW soon would launch awareness programmes about this class. He further said that this type of documentaries should also be provided to the parents of special children and promotes this spirit among general public to behave normally with abnormal class. Usman said that RPTW would also make a documentary on this issue to give awareness about nourishment process along with the methods of treating the distorted children, adding the families and communities, working together, could also help the children and adolescents with mental disorders.