ISLAMABAD - Save the Children, an NGO, has strongly condemned the killing of a newborn baby in Nangarparkar, Sindh. The newborn was brutally murdered by the father in connivance with midwives last week. The baby was alleged to be an illicit child of a couple in Ghartiari village and was scalded to death. Save the Children, after talking to its partners in Sindh to verify the event, issued the press statement. We abhor the act and demand that the district government and the local judiciary take a sou motu notice and bring criminals to book, said Nisar Nizamani, Project Director at Save the Children. He said that Save the Children is following the case closely with its partners and other like-minded organisations to chalk out a strategy that would help curb such events occurring in the future. Children are being abused and murdered invariably in different parts of the country and it is a matter of grave concern for Save the Children, which has been working in Pakistan for childrens rights and protection since 1979.