US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm Mike Mullen, during a meeting with COAS Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, was all praise for the Pakistan Army for its resolve to drive out the militants from the Malakand Division. Later, he paid a visit to the Jalozai camp and witnessed at first hand, the dilemma of thousands of refugees living there. Surprised by the magnitude of the disaster, he nonetheless observed while talking to reporters that the crisis seemed to be very well handled. One can attribute his appreciation to the in-depth knowledge of the conflict. Concurrently, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has talked to President Asif Zardari and promised to support the government in its fight against militancy. In this backdrop, the US seems to be eyeing the Army action against militants in FATA quite eagerly. Admiral Mullen's assurance that the Pakistan Army did not risk becoming over-stretched in Waziristan and that the approach was very orderly, indicates his favour for the operation. While there is no denying the reality that these insurgents pose a mortal threat to Pakistan's security and thus ought to be reined in, the government, however, must tread with care and avoid following US dictates blindly. Issues like whether to extend the military operation elsewhere or not, should be worked out keeping in view the domestic situation of the country. It would be harmful for Pakistan's stability if we keep extending the war against the militants, opening up new frontiers of conflict on US prodding. Ironically, the US, which wants army action in other parts of the country, has already been found wanting in its obligation of coming to bail the country out of the prevailing security and economic crises. Meanwhile, the aftermath of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, when the US virtually left Pakistan in the middle of nowhere, that among other things was responsible for the birth of the Taliban phenomenon, drug trafficking and violent extremism, should remind the country's leadership of the pitfalls that could come its way in the present circumstances.