LONDON (AFP) - A British student who converted to Islam was jailed for a 10 years Friday for plotting an attack with a suicide vest and home-made explosives last year. Andrew Ibrahim, also known as Isa Ibrahim, was found guilty of plotting to blow himself up with intent to endanger life or cause serious injury in April '08 in Bristol, southwest England. The 20-year-old was also convicted of preparing terrorist acts by purchasing material to make an explosive, carrying out reconnaissance and making an improvised suicide vest in which to then detonate an explosive substance. The son of a hospital consultant had denied both charges but admitted a third indictment of making an explosive substance, during the trial at Winchester Crown Court in southern England. He was given an indeterminate jail term, but the judge told him he would spend at least 10 years behind bars. Ibrahim was arrested in a quiet suburb of Bristol, where police found two home-made vests, ball bearings, pellets for an air gun, nails and screws, wired circuitry and batteries. In a refrigerator, police found a quantity of the high explosive HMTD, used in the July 2005 suicide bombings on Londons public transport system, which killed 56 people. Prosecutors alleged that Ibrahim, a drug addict who had been expelled from a number of schools, was planning to mount a terrorist attack on the Broadmead shopping centre in Bristol. They charged that Ibrahim, who had become increasingly radicalised after converting to Islam, described Britain as a dirty toilet and said the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US were justified. But Ibrahim said he thought suicide bombing was wrong, telling the jury that he just wanted to set the vest off and film it for the website YouTube. The jury rejected the claims, and judge Neil Butterfield told Ibrahim: You were, in my judgment, a lonely and angry young person at the time of these events, with a craving for attention.