LAHORE - The acquittal of Nawaz Sharif in plane hijacking case has not only given him a clean chit of political health to use his leadership traits more confidently in the present hard times on the nation, but has also provided substance to what he held about his main foe, General Pervez Musharraf about his coup on his government as well as his role in Kargil debacle. The verdict has enabled Nawaz Sharif to reach the parliament with added force, although the court has already paved his way to it by removing disqualification taint on him through another case. Nawaz Sharif would have reached the Parliament by now had the elections not been called off last month on the request of Punjab Government to the EC for making law and order a reason. Despite that Nawaz Sharifs political importance and role did not diminish and the fresh verdict has provided him extra power and confidence in this course. In view of the experts, Nawaz Sharifs acceptance at the national and the international level as a great mass mobiliser, after his successful show for the restoration of independent judiciary on March 16 last, has been firmed up further by the SC verdict, which has wiped off the last blot against his name. As a formidable opposition leader now Sharif is positioned to stand on even keel with the rulers on vital national and international issues centralising on terrorism, and those tormenting the nation, experts comment. The court exoneration of Nawaz Sharif in hijacking charges of October 12,1999 has in fact scrapped the impression of any happening of this kind at all or that Sharif had played any role therein out-stepping his power as prime minister. When no crime of hijacking of Musharrafs plane was committed by Nawaz Sharif, his imprisonment, agreement on exile or mediation role of any third party therein only serve to highlight miserable milieu Sharif was brought in without any fault. The verdict has, in fact, turned the situation fully in favour of Nawaz Sharif, who even not in the Parliament can play a very vital role in national affairs and democratic dispensation of the affairs. Although sacking of Pervez Musharraf by Nawaz Sharif on October 12,1999 was not brought before the Supreme Court as a dispute yet in view of the legal experts, the acquittal of Sharif in hijacking charges by implications, has also indirectly lent support to his decision and appointment of a new Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) instead of Musharraf hour before the bloodless coup. When there was no hijacking wherein Sharif was involved, then what justified Musharraf to repel the decision of his removal and take over as the Chief Executive of the country dismissing a civil government? The Supreme Court verdict has pulled down that support on which Gen Pervez Musharraf has set the edifice of his nine years long rule unshared by anyone else. Pervez Musharraf almost throughout, cherished the knack of spitting venom on the opposition leaders, particularly Sharif, in public and private to dub them useless to in turn give a rationale to his power-wielding after it came through a coup, as well as to distance these leaders from the public. The acquittal has falsified all that besides vitiating the acts Pervez Musharraf did in the realm of Constitution as the very basis of bringing him to power has been eroded, the experts say adding, these acts may now be explained on the principle of de facto and de jure. Since Musharraf quit the office, the political parties led by the PML-N and legal fraternity had been voicing for a trial to bring Musharraf to justice for the high treason under Article 6, as he had violated Constitution on October 12 and repeated the same on November 3,2007. But the Zafar Ali Shah case, which legitimised the coup, served as a big support to him against the high treason trial. This decision is still there while conviction awarded to Nawaz Sharif in plane hijacking case, wherein lay genesis of the coup, is gone. Pervez Musharraf who played the role of American chum after 9/11 is lately poised to play politics in Pakistan as he has repeatedly offered his services to the nation in the current testing time. This may be embarrassing for a democratic government. Certain reports suggest that former general is entering national politics with a bang and is going to set up an international secretariat. The SC verdict may now be a big disappointment to Musharraf about his future political plans as the experts say, the verdict has turned the tables on him and he would be grilled more for what he did to Sharif government than given political role by the people. The fresh meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif after the span on almost nine months and a joint declaration by them show their commitment to democracy. By that Nawaz Sharif has also given a lead as to how much confidently and strongly he stands against his rivals.