KARACHI - The Executive Board of the Pakistan Hockey Federation Friday slapped life ban on two former Olympians Naveed Alam and Mansoor Ahmed for allegedly bringing the country, the game and the PHF into disrepute by issuing baseless statements and interviews. The executive board which met here particularly also discussed the allegations of human trafficking leveled by these two former Olympians on the PHF. This was announced by PHF president Qasim Zia at a media briefing held immediately after the meeting at the HCP. Secretary PHF Asif Bajwa also attended the briefing. The two former Olympians, he said were banned for life from all the hockey activities and holding any office anywhere in the country. The 13 out of 17 members of the board attended the meeting that lasted for over two hours. Those who could not attend the meeting for different reasons were Islahuddin Saddique, Saeed Khan, VP PHF and Col. Nadeem representative of the departmental teams in the board. National chief selector Hasan Sardar and Kh Junaid attended the meeting on special invitation. Elaborating on the disciplinary action taken against the two persons who held position in the PHF in the recent past, the PHF boss said that they had leveled allegations that had brought the name of the PHF and Pakistan into disrepute. The former Olympians in separate and different interviews to the media recently had alleged that the PHF secretary Asif Bajwa was involved in human trafficking and mismanagement of the PHF funds. The board placed full confidence on the PHF secretary. Qasim, a former Olympian fullback, said that the allegations of human trafficking were baseless and absurd. He said carrying family members by a PHF official did not tantamount to human trafficking. Mansoor Ahmed had alleged that the PHF secretary Asif Bajwa was allegedly involved in human trafficking for arranging foreign visas to persons not related to hockey through the PHF. He disclosed that the PHF had carried out its own investigation and had evidence against Naveed Alam for misuse of funds on foreign tours when he traveled with the team as coach. He said the PHF from its own sources had collected copies of the bills paid by Alam to hotels during European tour. He said close to Rs. two and half million were misused by the team official. He said the PHF would take a legal path to approach the issue of misuse of funds. When asked why had PHF given employment to goalkeeper Mansoor Ahmed knowing well his recent brush with the law due to which he had to undergo imprisonment, Qasim said the PHF felt that the person needed employment and believed that the former Pakistan goalkeeper would have mended his ways after going through the trauma. He said he would not elaborate on the evidence that the PHF had against Alam because the PHF had been called to appear before the National Assembly standing committee on sports in connection with the charges leveled by the two former Olympians. Among other maters that were discussed at the meeting was confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting and approval of the budget. The PHF budget of Rs 140 million was approved by the Board. The reports of the senior and junior team managers were also present at the meeting. Earlier the PHF secretary gave in details past year's activities of the Federation at home and abroad. He said that Pakistan would get wildcard entry in the Champion's Trophy which will be held in Melbourne next year. Pakistan he said in future would be involved in six international events. It includes playing in Men's World Cup Qualifiers and women's, under-18 events And Champions Challenge Cup which will be held in Argentine. Meanwhile, Mansoor and Naveed siad that they would move court on the ban and further they will present all the facts before the National Assembly Committee on Sports.