KARACHI - Lack of coordination among law enforcement agencies (LEAs) is the major cause of their poor performance, sources revealed to The Nation here on Friday. Police usually remain powerless to get access to mobile data network from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), with regard to the any operation, due to the lack of coordination among the departments concerned. Therefore, the sources added, police and other law enforcement agencies are reluctant to probe all cases instead of high profile crimes. Source added that Citizen Police License Committee (CPLC) has recently singed an MOU with the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) in order to get an access to the Command and Control System that would be helpful in various criminal matters. Sharfuddin Memon, the CPLC chief, told The Nation that the recent development would enhance the performance of law enforcement agencies and prove helpful to track down street crimes and accidental cases besides detecting explosive laden and suspicious vehicles. He explained that we are developing a mechanism for better coordination between police and the CPLC which will enable police to tack down the snatched and stolen vehicles, bandits and street criminals and also to catch the suspicious vehicles. He added that technology was the only way to fight crime and terrorism. To a question, Memon said that CPLC had access to the mobile data network, but now it depended upon another agency to get necessary information. He added the CPLC was trying to arrange a separate set-up to run the command and control system. Trained staff and a proper system will be established in near future that would provide proper information to the police on immediate basis, he said. It is pertinent to mention here that CDGK has installed more than 100 cameras at various important roads in the city in order to monitor the activities. Source in police department said that police should have direct access to command and control system and mobile data network so that they could effectively fight major crimes and terrorism. He explained that command and control system and mobile data network should be interlinked so that the GSM device could point out the exact location of a target and its movement. Memon pointed out that PTA did not allow direct access to cell phones data network because of restrictions imposed by a secret agency. He explained that it was essential for the police, CPLC and other agencies to make formal request during the set schedule of time for information so that the operators could provide information. Such a lengthy procedure delays the operation and departments concerned remain helpless to probe all cases, he concluded.