KARACHI - A big project of the CDGK Forest Department to produce honey, silk and indigo on the agricultural land of Thaddo Dam in Gadap Town is facing delay due to the lack of funds and indifference of the authorities concerned, sources confided to The Nation on Friday. The City District Government Karachi had grown a thick forest in outskirts of the metropolis some three years ago where more than 0.1 million trees were planted on 85 acres of land. Later, the forest department conceived the idea to develop the forest at Thado Dam as a picnic spot with an aim to generate revenue. This forest is popularly known as Karachis Changa Manga and has considered one of the major uplift projects of the CDGK. However, the forest department had also planned to produce honey, silk and indigo on this land besides providing recreational facilities for the citizens. Consequently, around 6,000 trees of wild beri were planted in the forest to produce honey. But, work on this project has not sa far been started due to the lack of funds, sources said. Besides, thousands of mulberries are also being planted in the forest to produce silk but financial constraints are hampering the pace of work on this scheme too. When contacted, Naib City Nazim, Nasreen Jalil, said the Thaddo Dam Forest could be used for multiple purposes to generate revenue, adding that as far as the production of honey, silk and indigo was concerned, the project could be delayed, but would not be suspended. She further said the Haq Parsat leadership, after coming into power, developed infrastructure of the City on priority basis. There was lack of basic facilities such as water, sanitation, education, health and transport along with fast-deteriorating law and order situation but we worked day and night to serve the masses, she added. She said that production of honey, silk and indigo could not be started at the Thaddo Dam Forest because the citizens were facing several other problems which needed immediate attention of the city government. Nasreen Jalil further said that she would direct the forest department and authorities concerned to avoid suspending the project of producing honey, silk and indigo at Thaddo Dam Forest. Chairman CDGK Agriculture Committee, Arif Bhatti, said the forest department had planted several varieties of trees at the site with an aim to produce honey, silk and indigo and this project would be completed at all costs albeit some delay. DO (Forests), Saeed Ahmed Peerani, also confirmed that several varieties of trees had been planted at this forest to produce honey, silk and indigo.