There had been an impression that unless the security forces eliminate the top TTP leadership, the war against terrorism cannot be won, such being the fear of terrorists regrouping. According to ISPR, "the command structure of TTP, their communication system, particularly the FM radio, and their supply routes have been seriously damaged". Swat and Buner have been 'security cleared' and the people have started going back to their homes, which is a highly positive development. But the biggest news of all is the elimination of a number of top ranking TTP leaders including Shah Dauran, Abu Jandal, Ibne Aqil, Ibne Amin, Naseeb Rehman and many others. There are even reports to the effect that Maulana Fazlullah has been seriously injured. All this indicates that the previous impression that the military had not been able to identify and hit the high value targets was wrong. It also means that the facilities being used by Fazlullah and his accomplices were not only hit but destroyed completely. It also dispels the impression of any possibility of the terrorist groups reorganizing and reasserting their control in any part of the area in future. -ASEM M. AWAN, London, UK, via e-mail, July 9.