LAHORE - City witnessed one of worst traffic mess throughout the day on Friday due to the VVIPs movement as the police stepped up security and blocked several leading arteries of the Punjab Capital. Heavy police contingents including the Elite force personals were put on high alert across the Provincial Capital and armed patrolling was intensified to avoid any untoward incident during the visit of President Asif Ali Zardari in the City. The policemen putting barricades and barriers partially blocked Canal Road, The Mall, Jail Road, Lower Mall and other adjacent roads in the City and started thorough checking of the vehicles to keep vigilant eye on the activities of the miscreants. The partially closure of the leading roads during peak-hours led to worst traffic jumbles all over the City as long-queues of vehicles were witnessed everywhere and motorists remain trapped on the roads for several hours. Not enough the police on Friday afternoon completely closed down Shaarey Fatima Jinnah from for general traffic and diverted the traffic towards already packed roads, thus multiplying the miseries of the motorists. The thorough checking of the vehicles at The Mall and the Canal Road also caused traffic chaos, disrupting smooth traffic flow at the main roads of the City for several hours. According to the eyewitnesses, bumper-to-bumper traffic was witnessed at the Canal Road, Ferozepur Road and various other roads adjacent to The Mall and Multan Road till late Friday night, as a result, a great number of vehicles remained struck for hours on leading roads especially on Canal Road, Ferozepur Road and The Mall due to VVIP movement as the President Asif Ali Zardari spent a busy day in the City. Service lanes and main arteries were witnessed blindly packed with vehicles on Friday night especially on Lahore Canal Road from Jail Road Underpass to New Campus Bridge, from Ferozepur Road Underpass to Kalma Chowk and on some parts of the Jail Road and The Mall which are known for VVIP movement in the City. The commuters were witnessed leaving their vehicles on the roads and exchanging harsh words with the traffic wardens over the road blockades. Traffic wardens were of the view that VVIP movement in the City was the main cause of bumper-to-bumper traffic mess on these roads. The traffic wardens strongly criticised the policy of the government to block traffic unnecessarily for VVIP personalities, saying that they are facing aggressive and violent behaviour of the motorists. A traffic warden deployed at The Mall said that several motorists used abusive language and also exchanged harsh words with them when the traffic was blocked for VVIP movement. However, he was of the view that that motorists attitude was natural as many of them were in hurry and wanted to reach their destinations without further delay but they remained struck due to VVIP movement.