IT defies explanation that Foreign Minister Qureshi needed an overnight rest to realise that his Indian counterpart, with whom he had a long discussion at Islamabad on Thursday, was ill-prepared for the talks. At the joint press conference, he had kept quietly listening to Mr Krishnas observations, without as much as raising an eyebrow. A look at the reports about the talks, however, would suggest that the Indians were, on the contrary, well-prepared, focused and clear-headed. They kept hammering, perhaps, the sole item on their agenda i.e. their perceived terrorist threat from Pakistan. Mr Krishnas statement, India wants prompt action regarding confession of alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba activist, David Headley, regarding the Mumbai attacks, contains no ambiguity that should go with his being ill-prepared. Nor does the assertion that he was here to see what action Pakistan has taken so far call for more than one interpretation. If anything, it was a veiled threat. We should also note his reaction on returning to New Delhi after he had been informed of Mr Qureshis outburst. Mr Krishna peremptorily maintained that unless the issue of terrorism was addressed, all other efforts will be futile. At Islamabad, he told the media that he had reminded his interlocutors that India awaited the fulfilment of Prime Minister Gilanis commitment that Pakistani territory would not used against India for terrorist purposes. Mr Qureshi kept listening The 'allegation about Krishna-New Delhi phone contacts during the course of the meeting simply falls flat on the ground that there is nothing amiss nor unusual for a delegation on an important mission in a foreign land to consult home or receive instructions from it. It is an accepted diplomatic norm to establish contact in case of need. Even if Mr Krishna had not denied Mr Qureshis so-called allegation and said that he had been on the telephone line with headquarters, it would not merit any comment. It would, though, definitely raise laughter in diplomatic circles. That Islamabad ceded a lot of ground to New Delhi was also evident from Mr Krishnas other remarks that remained unquestioned by our Foreign Minister. One wonders why our leaders accuse India of involvement in terrorist acts in Pakistan, if they do not have the courage to confront it with facts. This is not the first time that New Delhi has openly stated that it has not been given any proof. Even Mr Krishnas shamefaced denial of any human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir went unanswered, though these abuses are no secret from the world. It is this shocking lack of reaction that our Foreign Minister showed, which has prompted the PML-Q to decide to submit a resolution against him in the National Assembly. If anyone, it was Mr Shah Mahmood Qureshi who was ill-prepared and confused.