LAHORE Dont take the last day incident of fire crackers at Link Habibullah Road in Garhi Shahu and Begum Kot lightly in the back drop of previous fire crackers incidents at Hall Road, Iqbal Town, Tibbi City and RA Bazar etc that led to the brazen suicide attack there. The present crackers explosion is enough to speculate such fears. Taking the Saturdays incident on these lines, one may not escape the thought that it may also be prelude to any sudden and shocking incident as it happened in Lahore in the recent past. The fire-crackers blew at Hall Road injuring some persons slightly but it heralded a brutal suicide attack on Data Darbar killing dozens of innocent people. So the investigating agencies trying to overcome the terrorist and rout them must not ignore the terrorists planning that before executing any major plan, they take to a lighter action may be as a warning shot. The recent fire-crackers were not simply simultaneous but scattered and isolated in one day and in the same locality meaning thereby these were manipulated by unscrupulous persons behind the perpetration of unabated terrorist attacks in the country. What else appear to be the motives behind such fire-crackers if not creating panic and fear which is the ultimate objective of terrorists. As to ordinary criminals, the questions strike why should they resort to such frightening activity, which has not to yield them any material gain, their prime objective but has to spread panic which, however, is the object of terrorists. The crackers explosions could also not be a joke or accidental happening. Of course this could be an experiment to test the extent of security alert or to undermine the morale of security personnel. It could be aimed at keeping fire of sectarian feud created after Data Darbar incident burning, because the situation was gradually turning to a normal after that incident. Anyhow whatever is the ulterior design, one thing is clear - the citizens are frightened and scared. They have not yet recovered from the recent wounds inflicted on them that a fresh danger is looming large on them. And the law enforcement and security agencies need to maintain a closer and tighter check on the activity of evil doers after they have reached to fix an explosive device in computer at an internet caf. Would the security be put on high alert to check any untoward incident in future and whether this measure would counter the terrorism is a question which has no answer. The terrorists determined to commit suicide attacks can be countered with equal commitment to defeat their purpose and to defend the countrymen. We found a strong reflection of this spirit by the motivated security personnel, as well as the volunteers at Data Darbar who identified and chased the suicide bomber and laid down their life, however, frustrating the terrorist purpose of wreaking massive loss. Their sacrifice gave a strong message to attackers that they could be countered by men alike so they must think 100 times before committing terrorist attack. There is another question that why cant the Government learn from the examples of countries who rooted out terrorism effectively?