LAHORE - Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Raja Farooq Haider Khan has underscored the need of restoring the Kashmir policy of self-determination through the parliament of Pakistan after taking all the political parties on board on the issue. He said the past dictatorial government devastated Pakistans stand on Kashmir and now it was responsibility of the democratic government to revisit and rectify the mistakes committed during the dictator regime on the Kashmir issue. He said Kashmir is not only an issue of land but also the future of 150 million Muslims depends on its solution and that Kashmir and Pakistan are indispensable for each other. The AJK prime minister was speaking as chief guest at a seminar held to memorise 'the adoption of resolution by the Kashmiri people to be a part of Pakistan - Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Saturday. Editor-in-Chief The Nation and Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) Majid Nizami presided over the ceremony arranged by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Cell, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal was the special guest while Vice Chairman NPT Dr Rafique Ahmad, MNAs Malak Riaz and Javid Latif, MPAs Begum Raheela Khali and Haji Allah Rakha, Minister Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Chaudhry Muhammad Ismael, Syed Naseeb Ullah Gardazi, Raja Sher Zaman, Surraya Khurished, Raja Muhammad Ashraf, Maj Gen (r) Rahit Latif, Dr Farzana, Latif Chaughtai and Maulana Akram Kashmiri were the speakers on the occasion. The seminar was attended by a large number of people including scholars, lawyers, students and members of various political parties. Raja Farooq said the government of Pakistan while holding dialogue with India should never compromise on the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people which is national stand of Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. However, he added, on other issues with India, Pakistan may take its own decisions. He said the youth of Kashmir were sacrificing their lives for the sake of good future and they wanted to be a part of Pakistan. India, on one hand, starts dialogue with Pakistan while on the other it continues the massacre of innocent Kashmiris, he said, adding through these conspiracies India wanted the Kashmiri people to hate Pakistan, which they would never do. He said instead of Aman Ki Aasha, he had another Aasha (hope) that we must not build friendship with India on the bodies of innocent Kashmiris. The prime minister at the same time felt the need of dialogue with the Pakistani government saying after the passage of 18th Amendment there were some issues which needed to be discussed. He said the Kashmiris wanted the cities of Pakistan to flourish and shine but at the same time they also wished water for drinking and irrigation. The residents of Mir Pur wanted 124 cusecs water to drink and 400 cusecs for irrigation, he said, adding such issues needed to be addressed. He said he had talked to the prime minister of Pakistan and now through Majid Nizami and Rana Iqbal I am raising the voice again that we should address the issue of royalty of dams mutually like brothers he added. Taking the recent statement of India that Kashmir is its internal issue, he said if FATA could become the international issue then India should be told that Kashmir is also an international issue. He said the Kashmiris understand the burden on Pakistan but the Pakistani leadership should not lose vision even in the present circumstances as, he added, the solution of Kashmir dispute was vital for the economic development of Pakistan. Pakistan needs water to ensure the food security of its people in future, the PM said, adding India was conspiring in the same lines to make Pakistan weak. He said he was satisfied that the commitment of Pakistan Army on Kashmir still stands unchanged and unshaken. Majid Nizami, during his presidential address, told the audience that Kashmir could never be achieved without Jihad. He appealed to the nation to be ready for Jihad to get Kashmir. He reiterated his solemn pledge he was ready to lay down his life for Pakistan and Kashmir. He prayed to Allah Almighty to grant wisdom to the rulers to get Kashmir. He said our Army, which was using huge budget allocation, should fight for the liberation of Kashmir. I wish I would have strength to ask General Kayani to enter forces in Kashmir, Majid Nizami said, adding what were the uses of nuclear arsenals if not used to threaten India over its aggression. He said if we could not get Kashmir from India, Pakistan would turn into Somalia in future. PA Speaker Rana Mohammad Iqbal said Pakistan was facing many challenges like terrorism and weak economy, adding, our principles of hardworking, honesty and service would be helpful to get the country out of these issues. He hoped for good future of the country and Kashmir. He said we had to realise the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal about Pakistan. Dr Rafique Ahmed said the people of Pakistan and Kashmir had no differences and the world realised this reality during the earthquake in Kashmir. He said Pervaiz Musharaf took U-turn on the Kashmir issue but the nation stands on principles instead of U-turns. The other speakers were also of the view that without Kashmir, Pakistan was incomplete and would turn into a desert. They said Kashmir could not be achieved through meaningless talks with India but only a strong, united and developed Pakistan could win Kashmir from India. At the end of the programme, a unanimous resolution was passed which described the peace in the region could not be achieved without solving the Kashmir dispute. The resolution demanded of the government and Pakistan Army to warn India to stop the killing of innocent Kashmiris besides demanding the international community to take the notice of Indian crimes in occupied Kashmir. The resolution strictly demanded the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people according to the UN resolution.