LAHORE - All factions of the Muslim Leagues should get united at one platform to fill the political gap, as divisions in Muslim League always benefited the PPP. These views were expressed by PML (Zia) Chief Ijazul Haq and Secretary General PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) Hamayun Akhtar Khan while addressing a press conference along with President Punjab PML (Functional) Makhdom Ahmed Mehmood at Lahore Press Club on Saturday. Ijaz said leaders of newly-formed alliance of three Muslim Leagues including PML (Zia), PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) and PML (Functional) met at the residence of Like-Minded leader Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri on July 15 to evolve a strategy for forming a greater political alliance in which leaders of the stated alliance of Leagues, Sindh Democratic Alliance and veteran Leaguers, Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali and Mian Azhar took part. The meeting decided to form a 'Core Group based on leaders from all factions of Muslim League in the first phase, while leaders of other likeminded political forces would also be contacted for the formation of a larger political alliance to provide the masses an alternative political leadership. Ijaz said next meeting of the amalgam of three Leagues would be held on August 5 in Karachi under the patronage of Pir Pagara and after next three to four meetings the existing alliance of Leagues would emerge as a greater alliance with the support of all factions of Leagues and other political forces. He said he had written letters to the leaders of the various factions of the Muslim League and also met many of them urging them to unite all the Leagues at one platform and he received good response from Pir Pagara, Saleem Saif Ullah and Ch Shujaat Hussain and others. Ijaz said he also met Editor-in-Chief Nawa-I-Waqt Group Majid Nizami to play his role in this regard. Chief of PML (Zia) said leaders of their alliance including him met with the leaders of other likeminded political forces including PTI, JI and PPP (Sherpao) and they seconded their efforts for making a larger political alliance. He demanded on behalf of his coalition partners that government should come up with indigenous policies on terrorism, economy and foreign affairs, as the meeting of Shah Mehmood Qureshi with his Indian counterpart in Islam-abad ended without result and discussing the core issue of Kashmir due lack of homework and un-independent foreign policy. He also demanded permanent ban on all those politicians who were found involved in holding bogus degrees, wilful defaulters of loans and those who maintaining their assets abroad. Ijaz said they supported formation of new provinces on administrative basis. He said people would soon take to streets due to rising prices of daily use items and utility bills, which would ultimately drift the country towards an absolute anarchy. Responding to a question, Hamayun Akhtar said divisions in Muslim League always benefited the PPP. Replying to another query, he 0said his party had nothing to do with the Hamid Nasir Chattha and Khursheed Mehmood Kasuris meeting with Pervez Musharraf in Dubai. To another question he predicted that Musharraf had no future in politics of Pakistan, however any prediction about Musharrafs political party was premature. Ijaz, replying to a query said that they were not in favour of mid-term polls, however, the actions of the government predicted that it would not prolong for a longer period. He said month of October would determine the fate of the government, as it was going to implement the VAT in the stated month, which would not be accepted by any sector of our society. PML (Zia) leader, responding to another question said foreign agencies were involved in creating law and order situation in the country to achieve their ulterior motives.