ISLAMABAD As was expected Australia thrashed Pakistan by 150 runs. What a shame Marcus North who is not even a regular bowler managed to claim 6 wickets. In reality, the batsmen simply gave away their wickets, the team spoiled all the good work done by Salman Butt (92) and Azhar Ali (42). What one should not forget is the fact that there is a major difference between One Days and Test cricket. Test cricket demands patience and concentration and above all experience. This team when announced lacked the experience of Muhammad Yousuf and Younus Khan. Time and again, it was mentioned in almost all the leading newspapers that the team did not have the right combination which is required for this longer version of the game. The defeat is largely because of the PCB Chairman Ijaz Butts adamant attitude. He preferred his personal choice to the national interest. Right from the first day when this team was announced, first thing which came to every cricket lovers mind was, How can we win matches against the mighty Australians with such an inexperienced team? Things turned worse as the management did not pick Younus Khan despite the fact that his ban was lifted by PCB. The question that baffles ones mind is, How can you expect to win a huge match by dropping arguably one of the worlds best batsman? The PCB should have adopted simple strategy by recalling Younus Khan since he has been playing county cricket in England and well familiar with the English conditions. Muhammad Yousuf has also expressed his willingness to revert his retirement decision and if the team management approached him he would have joined the squad in the larger interest of the country. Shahid Afridis statement that test format doesnt suit his type of play is beyond ones understanding as he should have told the management about that before accepting the captaincy. In the backdrop of the fact that he did not play test cricket for almost four years, was it necessary to pick Afridi for the test side. He should have been the selectors choice as a player rather than a captain and Younus Khan should have been appointed captain of the national team. It is not a matter of personnel liking and disliking rather it is a matter of prestige of the entire nation. Even now all is not lost yet, a lot of cricket on this tour is still left and PCB can now correct its mistakes by appointing Younus Khan as skipper of national side without wasting further time and recall Muhammad Yousuf to the side, no matter what it takes to convince him to change his decision. Any apathy shown by PCB in this regard means more miseries for the already deprived fans. Giving chance to youngsters is a good omen, but one should realise the ground realities. You cant expect the desirable results at one go, the youngsters must be included after proper training which they can learn alongside playing the seniors. One can only pray and hope the PCB changes its attitude and follow the wishes of the people.