There has been a bitter controversy between Punjab and Sindh on the issue of Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal and it has raged on for the last six months. Recently, the Acting Chairman IRSA Shafqat Masud used his discretionary powers to order the Water and Power Department Authority to open the canal. This had been a popular demand in Punjab. But the IRSA member from Sindh and a federal minister from Sindh who was also a member opposed Mr Masuds action. Next, Balochistan withdrew its member in sympathy with Sindhs point of view. Punjab government, even as it cribbed about other members being anti-Punjab then formally wrote to IRSA to open the CJ Link Canal. The Sindh members approached the federal government to remove the Acting Chairman and keep the canal closed. In the end, Prime Minister had to call an urgent meeting of all Chief Ministers on July 13. The next day, all newspapers carried the news that the Punjab-Sindh water row was resolved, the Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal closed and the Acting Chairman removed. The last bit we have of the controversy is Prime Ministers diplomatic observation that the interests of all provinces are inter-linked. Now, the latest feed back from print media is that the government has decided to restructure IRSA while the Chief Minister Sindh has asked the indomitable minister of WAPDA to watch out for re-opening of the CJ Canal. The channel tickers, meanwhile, are highlighting the message of Shahbaz Sharif that not a single drop of water belonging to Punjab would be given to Sindh. This shows that the issue is going to be stretched and we may see a post-script of the controversy after all. The federal lords are forcibly hijacking Punjab on the chariot of reconciliation for the sake of federation while many thousands of acres of Punjabi farmers turn arid. Punjab is not being allowed to grow and the political canvas here is likely to get murkier because of intervention of the ruling party at the centre. Punjab is not being allowed to act freely. Even the politicians belonging to Punjab in the ruling Junta of Islamabad are quite game about creating hurdles in the administration and economy of their own province. It is no secret that many top and highly placed officials in Punjab are working against the cohesion of province at the behest of federal govt. -A.Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, July 16.