Indian democracy has gifted 70,000 martyrs, 85,000 orphans and 34,000 widows to the Kashmir Valley. The Indian Army, in an attempt to shirk its responsibility of engaging with the Naxalites in seven Indian states, is on a killing spree in Kashmir. This tells you something about the philosophy that guides them. The western media keeps harping on 'The biggest democracy in the world mantra but does not see what is happening to innocent people of Valley. The so-called thaikaydars of peace do not say a word in criticism of India. Only sporadically we hear low murmurs on India from them but that is mere lip-service to the cause of deceiving civilized people of the world. The recent visit of Indian Foreign Minister to Pakistan was nothing but an attempt to deceive the world. What have these India-Pakistan talks yielded in the past sixty years? Of course, the failure of these talks is also a commentary on our poor leadership and poor foreign policy, besides showing complete dominance of the US in Pakistan affairs. -DR. NASIM ANSARI, Peshawar, July 17.