ISLAMABAD Former Naval Chief Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari has written an open letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her arrival here today. The letter poses a 'charter of demands before the US Secretary of State. The letter says that foreign presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan is part of problem rather than the solution. It urges the coalition Governments to immediately order a cessation of all military and sting operations in the region and allow peace to be negotiated. Al-Qaeda is a convenient tool to blanket all opposition to US policies in the region and impose unilateral policies. All efforts to use this pretext to prolong the presence in the region and to pursue an international agenda other than peace must cease, the letter further notes. Fasih further demands an end to coalition operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan, in his letter. The entire spectrum of violence and instability in Pakistan is a backwash from Afghanistan created by the presence of foreign forces. Support to insurgent and terrorist groups in FATA and Balochistan originates from Afghanistan. If this is not stopped, the instability will spread to other regions as well. We demand the Government of Pakistan to make its own independent policies to ensure peace and development in the region; the mother of all civilisations. Afghan movement is led by leaders who are indigenous to Afghanistan and legitimate representatives of resistance to foreign occupation. These leaders must be treated as party to peace and brought into a comprehensive dialogue process as reflected in Pak-Afghan Jirga of 2007, he writes. Fasih Bokhari further writes, In order to ensure long-term stability and prosperity in the region, the Government of Pakistan must carry forward the inconclusive negotiations of 1996 and assist all Afghans. It is not Pakistans responsibility to ensure logistics for coalition forces in Afghanistan knowing well that much of it is used to destabilise and terrorise Pakistan, this support must stop unless approved by the UN and conducted under transparent international safeguards and inspections, he notes. Gross violations and exercise of human rights on selective bases are widely documented, all Pakistani prisoners kept by coalition countries, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in illegal detention centres must be brought back immediately and subjected to Pakistani courts. Rendition centres, trials under duress and extra judicial killings including drones and blanket air strikes violate basic human rights, war reparations and criminal trials of coalition leaders who have knowingly falsified evidence in support of war before their own people; their Parliaments; and before the UN Security Council must be brought before Law. All Pakistani leaders guilty of same must be tried under Pakistan laws, he added. These are the ten screams of conscience. Let them travel far and wide through the resonance of peoples will and be understood and acted upon with speed, honesty, and conviction. We wish a better and secure future for all nations of the world. Bokhari further demands.