ISLAMABAD As many as 600 foreign companies from across the world are successfully working in Pakistan, which is a testimony of Pakistans great economic potential, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said this while addressing an FODP ministerial meeting, which included US special envoy Richard Holbrooke on Saturday. Representatives from the members of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FODP), World Bank and other international financial organisations also attended the meeting. Qureshi said, With a little push from FODP governments we can quickly put Pakistan on the path to a significant economic growth with benefits trickling down to Pakistanis across the board. In a bid to win sympathies and attention of the FODP Foreign Minister mentioned the sacrifices rendered by the people of Pakistan in war against terror. Pakistan has suffered and continues to suffer enormously by terrorism. Since 9/11 there have been 247 suicide attacks in Pakistan killing over 3,000 civilians and injuring over 7,000. We have lost over 2,550 security personnel in our ongoing law enforcement operations. Our cumulative economic losses are also substantial. According to conservative estimates, Pakistan has lost $43 billion in the last nine years. Our exports and foreign investments have been badly hurt, Qureshi told participants of the FODP meeting. The evil forces of terrorism have not even spared mosques, other religious places and the shrine of a Sufi saint in Lahore, he added. Foreign Minister spoke highly of the people of Pakistan and paid them rich tribute. The people of Pakistan have shown remarkable resilience in the face of varied and daunting challenges. Looking after 2.5 million dislocated population from Malakand Division following the law enforcement operation there last year, and facilitating their return to their homes within a few months, speaks volumes of our peoples and institutions inherent strengths. He said Pakistan could win against this hydra-headed global menace without international support, adding that no country, however preponderant, can defeat terrorism alone. He said In this struggle, we win and lose together. Qureshi, speaking to the FODP representatives, urged them to come forward to help Pakistan come out of multiple crises. Pakistan, no doubt, needs help. Today we have to divert significant resources from our development programme towards fighting the militancy. In the immediate term, we need budgetary support so that our poverty alleviation and development programmes continue uninterruptedly. In this regard, the remaining amount of pledges made at the separate Donors Conference in Tokyo last year may be expedited, said Qureshi. Qureshi also spoke highly of FODP role and maintained that the FODP Public-Private Partnership Conference held in Dubai earlier this year helped make a good start. We are thankful to the Government of the UAE, especially His Highness the Foreign Minister of the UAE for hosting and co-chairing the conference. The good momentum generated at Dubai must be sustained. We expect the FODP partners to encourage their respective corporate sectors to invest in projects that were presented at the Dubai conference, he said. Briefing the participants of FODP, Foreign Minister said Pakistan is very serious about normalising its relations with India. I met with my Indian counterpart in Islamabad just day before yesterday. We agreed to embark on a sustained dialogue process. This is a good augury. For too long, Pakistan and India have been entangled in a conflictual relationship. It is high time our two countries engaged, with full sincerity of purpose, to resolve all the bilateral disputes and make a new beginning of normal relations anchored in sovereign equality and mutual interest, he said. Qureshi said Pakistan would evaluate the FODP report on the energy sector. This report, if implemented in full, will help Pakistan fix most of its energy problems. I would like to state the commitment of the government of Pakistan to make a determined effort for improving the structures and legislation that would make it easier for our international partners to assist us. I am sure our efforts will also provide greater comfort to potential investors in the energy sector, Qureshi said. Speaking on the occasion, Holbrooke said FODP should ensure full implementation on the projects identified in the meeting of senior officials for their early completion. Holbrooke said that FODP will help to resolve energy crisis in Pakistan. Holbrooke appreciated the efforts of Federal Secretary Water and Power Shahid Rafi for his contribution in the work of the Task Force. He said key to progress will be the governments commitment to implement badly needed reforms, and the commitment of the FODP to help facilitate both public and private international investment in the energy sector. He assured American help in the implementation on the projects identified in energy sector. He said the FODP was created two years ago to galvanise international support for Pakistans democratically elected civilian government. He said it was meant to match international expertise and support with Pakistani policy planning and reform efforts. Regarding Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Richard Holbrooke welcoming the report of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa authorities on the assessment being developed with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UN and EU, said members of FODP would extend full cooperation and assistance in this regard. Holbrooke suggested that the next priority area for the FODP should be water as Pakistan faces severe water challenges that hamper its economic development and create internal discord. Referring to Tokyo Donors Conference held in April 2009 where international donors pledged over $5.2 billion, Holbrooke said these pledges should be ensured. He said, According to our latest records, the international community has disbursed or obligated $1.7 billion of the $5.2 billion pledges made at the Tokyo Conference. Holbrooke said US has delivered $520 million of the $1 billion pledge made in Tokyo, for social support, health, education, energy, and water, and ensured that US will deliver the remainder as promised. Acknowledging that many donors are making progress in delivering their pledges, he said all of the donors must understand the urgency of this effort. He said, Pakistan has made progress in the past 20 months of democratic rule, but these gains are fragile and those who oppose democracy in Pakistan are becoming more aggressive. Holbrooke said every donor has to set a goal to deliver additional assistance before the October ministerial of the FODP, adding all of us need to do a better job of communicating our activities with one another, the Government of Pakistan, and the Pakistani people.