India and Pakistan have just held another round of talks at the Foreign Ministers levels in Islamabad. But the latest round, rather than removing any of the irritants and building some bit of trust has, quite expectedly, caused some aggravation instead. The only positive outcome is the pledge by two neighbouring countries to continue the process of dialogue. For this purpose, Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna has invited his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmud Qureshi to visit New Delhi on a date to be fixed later through mutual consultations. Apparently, the two Foreign Ministers discussed all issues, except those that mattered, like the long-lingered Kashmir issue and the burning water issue. The dispute on water has become as virulent as Kashmir recently and arises from Indias construction of dams and more dams on Chenab and Indus. The Pakistani charge is of stealing of water, thereby, rendering Pakistan barren by holding up the flow of water in its main rivers. The talks of Foreign Ministers were preceded by the Foreign Secretaries meeting in Islamabad only a few days back. It is difficult to say for sure what role the US had in it all. Islamabad, unfortunately, takes direction, some say dictation, from Washington while it is simply the other way round insofar as India is concerned. In Indias case, New Delhi often persuades, some say dictates, Washington what to do and not do in matters relating to Pakistan. The latest instance in this respect was New Delhis pressurising of Washington, and then Paris, not to entertain any request from Islamabad for high-tech equipment. Washington responded by refusing to supply civil nuclear technology, Paris denied Pakistan Air Force planes and parts. Thus, India was able to stab Pakistan in the back twice before coming to talk peace in Islamabad. Islamabad, though, has been welcoming as ever for the Indians because it is rife with elements lobbying for peace between India and Pakistan. They keep ignoring the bitter historical facts. A long forgotten fact is that India was responsible for breaking away of East Pakistan to form a new country. A more recent fact is its denial of Pakistans rightful share of water in flagrant violation of the Indus Basin Treaty 1960. Add to that the issues of civil nuclear technology from US and Air Force equipment from France and you would know why peace talks always end in bitterness between India and Pakistan. -AAMER. A. NAJMI, Lahore, July 17.