Hardly a day passes by when politicians do not hurl accusations of not paying any income tax on each other. The only objective of these allegations, it appears, is to put the other party on defensive and not much else for nothing to date has been done to really investigate who pays what to the tax man? Hardly any relevant question ever gets asked or replied to in the Parliament. If you keep that background in mind, the news that government is planning to confer civil awards upon 10 top taxpayers of Pakistan would seem very heartening, just the step to encourage other taxpayers. However, to encourage a more enthusiastic tax culture in the country, the first step should have been to issue an Income Taxpayers Directory under aegis of the Federal Board of Revenue, just like Mr Moin Qureshis interim govt did in early nineties. The directory in Mr Qureshis time had shown the exact contribution of each one of the 'one percent (approx) income tax payers of the 18 million population of this country in that year. I think issue of such a directory should be an annual fixture of our events calendar, just like the Economic Survey of Pakistan. A tax directory, besides ending this virulent blame game, would be an inducement for other people to pay their taxes just as the top 10 taxpayers award would be too. -MOHAMMED ALI JAWAID, Karachi, July 15.