ISLAMABAD The Indian involvement in Pak-Afghan Transit Trade, once again, remained the hottest issue on Saturday and Pakistan said that the only top leadership of the country could decide about the Indian participation in PATT. This was revealed in the second day of the meeting on Pak-Afghan Transit Trade, which has been underway in Islamabad since Friday. Sources present in the meeting informed TheNation that Afghan delegation had, once again, raised the issue of Indian involvement in Pak-Afghan Transit Trade, which was already turned down by Pakistan on the first day (Friday) of the meeting. Afghan delegation was of the view that Afghan-India trade through Wagah border was more profitable for the war-hit country than through ports and, therefore, Pakistan should resolve this issue. However Pakistani officials believed that India was not according Pakistani goods access to Bhutan and Nepal through its border, so it could not be allowed. Besides this, there are a lot of concerns in the country regarding Indian involvement, Pakistani officials added. The sources informed that except Indian involvement in the transit trade, there was consensus on other issues. According to the sources, both the sides were agreed on issuing visas to the truck drivers and other workers, however the period of visa was not decided yet. Pakistan suggested that under new ATT agreement, Letter of Credit should be opened in Pakistan, and similarly importers and exporters should be given licenses, which could control the illegal trade (smuggling) between both the countries. Likewise issue related to the transit of Pakistans containers to Afghanistan was discussed in the meeting, as the Afghan delegation showed concerns over the issue because, according to them, these containers did not carry full luggage. The representatives of private sector, who also participated in Saturday meeting, expressed their reservations over the loss to local industry due to illegal trade to Afghanistan.