LAHORE - After holding a meeting with committee, constituted by Chief Minister Punjab, on Saturday the PCS officers Association has called off its proposed strike on Monday since its major demands have been accepted. The committee comprising Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, MPAs Shaikh Alauddin and Atta Muhammad Maneka met here at the Punjab Assembly premises and remained in discussion for almost five hours. As per President Association Rai Manzoor Hussain Nasir, the government had accepted all major demands. First, the disparity in the minimum service length rules would be brought at par with other provinces. For instance, as a prerequisite an officer must have minimum of five years service in Grade-17 for promotion to Grade-18, while for Grade-19, the officer must have a service length of 12 years in Grade-17 and above, and for Grade-20, it should be 17 years. Lastly, minimum length of service for qualifying promotion in Grade-21, would be 19 years. The government committee rejected Associations demand for withdrawing the pre-condition of the mandatory promotion courses. In order to meet the requirement, special courses for PCS officers falling in the promotion zone would be conducted at either NIPA, MPDD, Civil Services Academy or LUMS. Thirdly, the GOR-I houses will be allotted as per first come first basis. In the same vein, the DMG officers transferred to other provinces, would be directed to vacate and surrender the houses in one year instead of five years, which used to be a bar for these officers earlier. Fourthly, membership of the out-of-bound Punjab Civil Officers Mess for the PCS officers has been opened. Fifthly, the erratic postings will be done away with and now as per grades, the posts would be given to both DMG and the PCS officers. Lastly, for portion in higher grades, the formula of distribution of seats between the provincial officers and the federal ones would be revised, and for this, the Punjab government would write a letter to the Establishment Division, Islamabad. However, Associations demand for getting either of the two prized slots of the Chief Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary - which is a part of the Punjab Assemblys resolution of 1986 - the committee rejected it partially, while asserting that the posting of the ACS is CMs prerogative, and it is up to him whether he would like to appoint a DMG or PCS officer. For actualisation of the demands, Rana Sanaullah, Pervaiz Rasheed, MPAs Shaikh Alauddin and Atta Muhammad Maneka are the guarantors. The minutes of the meeting would be issued on the coming Thursday after a nod by the CM.