THE attempt to uncover the parliamentarians fake degrees has run into difficulties, with the officials concerned in the verification process being placed under immense pressure not to complete their task. The government is apparently not preventing this, perhaps because it depends on the support of the guilty to survive. This is the case in Sindh, where if enough PPP members are disqualified after having submitted bogus degrees, the government may well fall; and the central government, led by the PPP, is deeply concerned with its fate. At present, under orders from the NAs Standing Committee on Education, the Higher Education Commission is getting parliamentarians degrees verified by the concerned universities. The HEC Chairman, Prof Javed Leghari, has sought a meeting with the Prime Minister because of the political pressure he is facing. Reportedly his house has been ransacked and servants abducted. His family is facing persecution, including the arrest of his brother. Committee Chairman Ch Abid Sher Ali has alleged that the Sindh Home Minister, Zulfikar Mirza, is behind this persecution. While the HEC is facing these difficulties, another MNA, one who belongs to Ch Abids PML(N), has been found by the verification process to have two fake degrees, submitted separately at the 2002 and 2008 elections. This case merely illustrates the pervasiveness of the practice of candidates for election submitting fake degrees. However, there is little excuse for the defiance of parliamentary supremacy inherent in the disobedience shown to the parliamentary committee, which is merely following the lead given by the Supreme Court, which said that those who had submitted fake degrees to fool voters that they fulfilled the graduation condition should be prosecuted for fraud, and would be unseated, even though the graduation condition has been removed by the 18th Amendment. The government must ensure that the verification process proceeds uninterrupted, and if this means providing protection to the concerned officials, then so be it.