LAHORE/Karachi - Pakistan Railways has announced to suspend six more passenger trains on account of financial constraints. The operation of three trains has been suspended from Saturday including Sakhi Abbas Express, Karachi-Mirpur Khas Express and Sialkot Express. The service of Chiltan Express and Tezro will be suspended from July 20 and Shalimar Express from July 29, Railways sources said. Talking to mediamen, GM Railways Ashfaq Khattak said Railways was facing burden of Rs 1.5 billion annually because of these trains. He said engines of the suspended trains would be used to run freight trains as more than 60 freight trains were out of operation at different stations for the reason engines were not available to run them. Meanwhile, the railway unions have strongly condemned the decision of Pakistan Railway authority to suspend the operation of six trains. The railway department has never suffered from financial losses as it has been shown by the authorities concerns, said the union leaders. They were expressing after the railway headquarter notified to close down six trains on Saturday. Talking to The Nation President of Railway Workers Union (open lines) Manzoor Razi and General Secretary Rao Naseem said that the suspended trains never caused financial losses, on the contrary, it was the railway authorities who have been trying to show the railway as bankrupt department. They added that people across the country would badly suffer due to such illogical decisions. The said decision would enormously affect the people across the country who usually use to travel by the said suspended trains, said the union leaders, adding that all these suspended trains jam-packed with the passengers, and they earned much for the railway department. Earlier, Pakistan Railway announced to suspend the operation of six trains bounded to different parts of the country owing to financial hardships. The trains announced to be suspended immediately include Sialkot Express, Sakhi Pal Express, Mehran Express while the operation of Chiltan Express and Tezro will be suspended from July 20. The Shalimar Express will be deferred till July 29. The routes of suspended trains bound as Chiltan Express, Quetta-Lahore, Mehran Express, Mirpur Khas-Hyderabad, Tezro Peshawar-Karachi, Shalimar Express Lahore-Karachi, Sakhi Pal Lahore-Okara and Sialkot Express, Lahore-Rawalpindi. Chaltan operates on Quetta-Lahore route; Tezro goes from Peshawar to Karachi while Shalimar works on Lahore-Karachi route. It is worth mentioning here that the Mehran Express was the only train that was run from Karachi to Mirpurkhas, earlier Shah Latif Bithai train was closed down. Owning to suspension of the said train, the people of interior Sindh will suffer a lot. According to the railway authorities, the railway department has been facing deficit of Rs 1.5 billion annually because of these trains. The union leaders further said that the railway department was not suffering with financial loss by the passenger trains, however, corruption is the only reason of it. They demanded to probe into the financial irregularities in the railway department.