BANNU - The factions of Wazir tribes demanded of the government to take solid steps for safe recovery of Dr M Nawaz Wazir, who was kidnapped from Bannu Township. Addressing a press conference, elders of the different Wazir tribes said that Dr Nawaz was abducted on June 19 from Bannu Township and was still missing. They added that the district administration and family members of the abducted doctor tried their level best to know the whereabouts of the kidnappers but couldnt succeed. They also said that there was no writ of the government in the province, adding the kidnappers were fearlessly doing crimes but the govt machinery failed to control it. In the existing deteriorated law and order situation of the province, the cases of the kidnapping for ransom is increasing day by day, which is an alarming situation for the rulers. They alleged that the kidnappers had shifted the abducted doctor to Waziristan Agency and many of the criminals involved in his kidnapping had also been arrested. They demanded of the administration to stop the increasing activities of the kidnappers. They warned if the govt failed to recover the abducted doctor within 15 days then they would take all the steps against the govt and in case of any untoward situations government would be responsible.