KARAK - The Khattad Ittehad (KI) and elders of Karak district gave ultimatum for the release of vice president of Defense of Human Rights and former MNA from Karak district Maulana Shah Abdul Aziz and threatened that after the expiry of the deadline they would stop work on all national and foreign oil and gas exploring companies. They resolved that they would also make siege of national and provincial assemblies and would not hesitate to stand before the bullets for their genuine demand. This was demanded in a grand Jirga of KI and the elders of Karak district held here at Town Hall, Karak. The jirga was presided over by the district president of KI Muhammad Wali Zahid. Addressing the gathering, Muhammad Wali Zahid, former provincial minister and PML-N leader Malik Zafar Azam, Maulana Mir Zaqeem, Jamait Ulema-i-Islam-S district president Maulana Abdul Wahab Malang, KI leader Gul Sahib Khan, former Banda Daud Shah Tehsil Nazim Hameedullah Kamred criticised the role of the provincial government in the release of the former MNA and said that despite of the clear-cut verdict regarding the release of the former MNA Maulana Shah Abdul Aziz the government was reluctant to release him which was gross violation of human rights. The speakers said that the government had thrown the former MNA behind the bars just to punish him for raising voice against the exploitation of the people by the oil and gas companies and resolved that the mission of the former MNA would continue at all costs. They said that the Karak district was rich in mineral resources and its residents were still deprived of the gas facility despite of the fact it had been explored on the soil of Karak district. They added that oil and gas explored on its soil were being used to run the industries of Punjab and the kitchens of Mardan and Charsadda districts. They demanded that the people of Karak district should be the first beneficiaries of the oil and gas and after that it should be supplied to other parts of the country. The speakers said that supply of gas to the nook and corner of the district was the legal and religious rights of the people of Karak district and resolved that they would not go back of their demand at any cost. They maintained that if the resources explored on its soil were properly used on the development of the Karak district then the Karak district would be the Kuwait of the future. They alleged that when a difficult time came on the Khattak tribe then the elected representatives of the district left the people in trouble and sat in Islamabad and Peshawar to enjoy the difficulties of the tribe like a silent spectator. They further alleged that they were getting privileges from the oil and gas companies at the cost of the rights of the people. They resolved that they would not let them to get the benefits from the oil and gas companies anymore. Former provincial minister Malik Zafar Azam alleged that the people of Banda Daud Shah were dividing the unity of the Khattak tribe through the division of the Khattak Ittehad and urged them to make unity with the rest of the district. He criticised the operation at Gurguri by Frontier Constabulary and termed it the disunity among the ranks of the Khattak tribe and resolved that they would not give the opportunity to the government again through exemplary unity to make such operation in any part of the district. He added that the elected representatives should sacrifice their ministerial slot on the honour of the tribe and added that the tribe needed no such slots in the cabinet which could not defend their rights form the usurpers. He underlined the need of practical steps for the attainment of rights and said that only speeches were not the solution of the problems. At the end through a unanimous resolution the grand Jirga demanded of the government to release Maulana Shah Abdul Aziz in 24 hours, otherwise, they would stop the work on all national and foreign oil and gas companies working in Karak district. They resolved that they would also not hesitate to face the bullets for the sake of the rights of the tribe. Later on, a delegation of elders met with the DCO in his office and he assured them that the district administration would extend every sort of help to the elders within the limitations of the law. He also talked to Commissioner Khalid Khan Umerzai on telephone and arranged a meeting with him of the elders. Later, a delegation of the elders went to Kohat to meet the Commissioner.