ISLAMABAD At time when the city managers are running their financial affairs on day-to-day basis, the Member Finance of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), who was hired by the civic body against Rs 0.5 million per month, left for China on a 15-day 'recreational trip. Grim financial problems have reached to a height that the Authority does not have enough funds to pay its employees the salary for this month, and the city managers have decided to approach State Bank of Pakistan to resolve this issue. Though approximately two years have been passed but Member Finance did not succeed to evolve any effective strategy, which could help CDA come out of the deepening financial crunch. The outstanding bills of the contractors engaged by the CDA for its various projects have reached to an unprecedented level of Rs 1.5 billion. Meanwhile, the CDA has refused to pay the bill of Rs 25 million to the contractor working on the controversial contract of replacement of furniture at Parliament Lodges owing to non-availability of funds. It is worth mentioning here that Rs 60 million Parliament Lodges furniture renovation contract is the same, which was given by the Authority in clear violation of Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and without submitting any bank grantee from the contractor of the said project. CDA Accounts Directorate received a bill from the contractor claiming an amount of Rs 25 million on account of completed renovation work of almost 40 suits of Parliament Lodges. Besides the fact that work in only 15 suits has been completed so far but the Accounts Officer had cleared it and asked the Finance Directorate to release the amount. It is worth mentioning here that the contractor has to install new furniture in 70 suits, including 52 suits at Parliament Lodges and 18 suits in MNAs Hostel. Insider says the Authority has reserved the funds for furniture replacement but owing to delay, it had used the funds in some other project. And now the CDA would receive the maintenance grant from the Federal Government hopefully till August 15, out of which they pay for the purpose.