People visit at the picnic sports of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in a great number but the sale of substandard food items on high rates is a matter of concern for them. Talking to this agency, the visitors have alleged that the concerned authorities do not check the prices of food items giving a free hand to vendors to sell their products on high rates. Sarmad Khan, an inhabitant of the capital said that prices of all the food items are almost double as compared to open market at most of the recreational places, but the authorities concerned are paying no attention to control these prices. Ishtiaq Ahmed, a father of two while commenting on the situation said that besides charging high prices by vendors, there is no check on the quality of food items at picnic spots. Another visitor said there is no justification to sell out branded items at twice the original prices that mars the enjoyment of most of the visitors who often belong to middle class families. The people have urged the concerned authorities to take action against vendors who are fleecing them and control the prices.