NEW DELHI (Agencies) Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao Saturday ruled out a bilateral meeting between External Affairs Minister SM Krishna and his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the sidelines of an international conference in Kabul Tuesday. She also stated that India would press ahead with the dialogue to build ties shattered by the Mumbai carnage after talks in Islamabad ended in an acrimonious stalemate. Both Foreign Minister Krishna and Foreign Minister Qureshi will be attending this conference. I dont believe there will be any bilateral meeting during the conference because the way it is structured and the business that has to be transacted at that conference is not going to leave much time for bilateral meetings to begin with and secondly, they have just met in Islamabad, Nirupama Rao told NDTV network in an interview. There may, however, be a pull-aside meeting between the two in view of Pakistani leaders making conciliatory statements after the deadlock in the July 15 talks and bitter acrimony that followed the talks. The Indian Foreign Secretary said that the dialogue process must go on despite the chilly atmosphere. There is a gap in perception... but these are not unbridgeable divides, she said, but she underscored strongly that action by Islamabad to counter militant threats against India remained New Delhis top concern. She further said a terror machine directed against India involving state and non-state actors continues to exist in Pakistan. Serious introspection is required by Pakistan into why terror has been used as an instrument of policy against India, she said. Islamabad also needs to understand why terror threatens the very fabric of Pakistan itself, she said, referring to the slew of deadly attacks in the country blamed on Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants. The Indian Foreign Secretary rebuffed Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshis statement that his Indian counterpart had supported him in his criticism of Indian Home Secretary GK Pillai, saying India did not express any agreement with Pakistans comments on Pillai. She reiterated that the talks between the two nations had not collapsed. She said the tone and tenor of Qureshis remarks could have been better. In diplomacy, as in life, such ups and downs are common, she said. In another TV interview on Friday night, Rao had stressed that the India-Pakistan talks had not collapsed and the dialogue process between them must go on. She had told a news channel that Qureshis critical remarks about Krishna had come as a real surprise for India. The comments (by Qureshi) came as a surprise, there was no real reason for the comments, the Indian Foreign Secretary said.