Our 66 years history reveals that the country floundered on the rock insecure Superior Judiciary which generally acquiesced with the take over and policies of usurpers with the exception of our present Judiciary i.e. Supreme Court of Pakistan headed by the valiant Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhery who held his head high before a dictator. As such emulating the Supreme Court of USA we must extend the tenure of Judges of our Apex Court for life, or in good health, so as to make them fully independent of the vagaries of change of governments.

In order to dispense justice in its true spirit as it is said, “Do Justice even though Heaven may fall.” In order to safeguard the life time tenure of Supreme Court Judges, and make them imperious to change of civil government or military take over’s a constitutional protection of serving the tenure for life of Apex Court Judges be provided by an amendment in the Constitution in the first instance by the present Government of PML-N. This would fulfil the Islamic aspirations of people of Pakistan as in Islamic history the ‘Qazi-ul-Qazat’ had no retirement age.


Lahore, June 12.