Malala received a standing ovation at the UN. How is it that the UN highlights such issues whereas the same institute is the one responsible for the death of half a million children in Iraq alone? To many amongst the Muslims, it has become overwhelmingly clear how the ‘Malala’ issue has been used by ‘Imperial US’, in projecting a rationale for their continued war on terror. However, we must understand as to how the US is able to do so.

How is it that, in spite of its never-ending legacy of crimes, to name a few: nuking Hiroshima, Spraying Agent Orange, Cluster bombs in Afghanistan, two Iraq wars, depleted uranium and the recent NSA exposure etc; the US is still able to prop itself up as a flag-bearer for human rights ? The answer is simple, its political stature, built on its devotion to the capitalist ideology. So its foreign policy and media, Presidents and international lobbying, influence on institutes such as the IMF and UN are all synchronised with respect to a common baseline: Capitalism and Imperialism.

Muslims are obliged, to strive hard to expose these fallacious claims of self-righteousness boasted by the imperialists. However at the same time we must realise that it is only the Khilafah state that will truly and completely discredit and expose the hollow claims of the imperialists, in front of the world.


Lahore, July 14.