Karachi is suffering, its traders live in fear of extortion and kidnapping, it is a city where journalists like Wali Babar are gunned down and nobody gets caught. The previous coalition government’s sole objective seemed to be to enjoy perks, without any responsibility to either the tax payer and seemed totally oblivious of their primary constitutional obligation, that of maintaining law and order and punishing criminals.

Karachi’s tragedy is that everybody claims to own the city, but yet most of the elite and powerful consider it not worthy for their children to live here, nor for their assets to be located here, because most of them have acquired other nationalities and have no major stakes in this country. It is a city from where 70,000 containers, loaded with weapons and contraband disappeared, after exiting from port with fake documents. It has become a transit place, where financial gains, legal or illegal can be made, illegal land occupation has become a booming tax free venture, where billions allocated for infrastructure development vanish; bridges collapse within months of completion, yet nobody has ever been prosecuted or held accountable.

It is a city which is the financial hub of the country, yet lawlessness is comparable to the wild west of yester years, with power in the hands of those who hold the guns. Those who have been in power for past five years, or in the preceding decade, cannot absolve themselves of culpable offence by design or neglect, nor of the charges of using violence as a tool to exert political hegemony and patronising the land, drug and crime mafia that have made life miserable for those who reside in this city. It is unfortunate that insecurities prevail in this city where a government with its various constitutional paraphernalia exists, yet it is as dangerous as the unsettled areas in our tribal belt.


Karachi, May 29.